Frequently Asked Questions

We rent our inflatables by the day.  We try to work with your schedule as much as possible.  You tell us the preferred set up time and the time you will be done with the unit and we will do our best to accommodate.  We like to get them back before it gets dark if possible.

Our prices include delivery, set up and tear down within 15 miles from us. We are in Bettendorf.

No, we deliver all of our inflatables in order to ensure they are set up correctly and in a safe location.

We don’t normally leave them out overnight because the units get wet from the dew. With that said, if this is needed and the units aren’t rented the next day, then we can discuss that on an individual basis.

No. You just pay in full on the day of the rental.  We do ask that if your plans change and you need to cancel the reservation, then let us know asap so we are able to rent the unit to someone else.

If Mother Nature doesn’t want to cooperate with your party plans, then we will contact you before we bring out the inflatables.  If it is windy (over 15mph) then we won’t be able to bring the bounce houses out that day.  If we bring out the inflatables and it starts to rain, then the inflatable needs to be shut down and we can’t offer a refund but you have the option to cancel before we bring it out.  As long as you cancel before we bring the inflatable then you don’t owe anything.

We understand that everyone is under pressure with the rising cost of everything! We are really trying to keep the costs down for everyone so we accept cash or check only at this time.  If this is a problem, then we can discuss other options.

As long as the ceilings are high enough and there is ample space then yes, they can go inside.

No, we can put them on pavement if necessary.  We will just bring sandbags to secure them.

Let us know about your party

When you have your date and have selected the unit you wish to reserve then call 563-940-7154. We will get all the details to bring the FUN TO YOU!